Chicago Center for Cosmochemistry
Robert Clayton Memorial (September 2018)
The University of Chicago held a Symposium on Monday, September 17th and Tuesday, September 18th of 2018 to commemorate the life and legacy of Robert Clayton. A pioneer in the field of cosmochemistry, Robert Clayton spent over five decades as a member of the Department of the Geophysical Sciences, and passed away in December 2017. Details of the symposium can be viewed here.

Kööp Nature Astronomy paper covered in New York Times (July 2018)

LPSC week (March 2018)
C3 members submitted 23 abstracts to this year's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. View them all here.

Heck and Greer featured in Chicago Tribune article (February 2018)
Philipp Heck and graduate student Jennika Greer were featured in the Chicago Tribune for their work analyzing fragments of the Hamburg meteorite, a recent fall.

Bowling moves to SwRI (September 2017)
Chamberlin postdoctoral fellow Tim Bowling is relocating to a new position at the Southwest Research Institute.

Greer wins McKay Award (September 2017)
Jennika Greer has been awarded the 2017 Gordon M. McKay Award from the Meteoritical Society. This award is given each year to recognize the student who gives the best oral presentation at annual meeting of the society. Jennika earned this award for her presentation "Atom probe tomography of lunar regolith ilmenite grain surfaces" at this year's meeting in Santa Fe. Congratulations Jennika!

MetSoc week (July 2017)
C3 members submitted 11 abstracts to this year's Meteoritical Society Meeting. View them all here.

Krijt, Bowling, Lyons, and Ciesla seed life between adjacent exoplanets (April 2017)

Heck wins Cosslett Award (April 2017)

LPSC week (March 2017)
C3 members submitted 35 abstracts to this year's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. View them all here.

C3 scientists classify new shergottite (March 2017)

Krijt wins Hubble fellowship (February 2017)

Kite wins Greeley Award (June 2016)
Edwin Kite has been awarded the 2016 Ronald Greeley Early Career Award in Planetary Science by the American Geophysical Union in recognition of his significant early career contributions to planetary science. Congratulations Edwin!

Trappitsch defends thesis (June 2016)
Graduate student Reto Trappitsch defended his Ph.D. dissertation "Deciphering Galactic Chemical Evolution - Iron and Nickel Isotopes and Cosmic Ray Exposure Ages of Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains." Congratulations Reto!

Tissot wins Nininger Meteorite Award (June 2016)
François Tissot, who finished his PhD with Nicolas Dauphas last fall, won the 2015 Nininger Meteorite Award for his paper "Origin of uranium isotope variations in early solar nebula condensates." Congratulations François!

Trappitsch receives Sugarman Award (May 2016)
Graduate student Reto Trappitsch will receive the 2016 Nathan Sugarman Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Research, given annually by the Enrico Fermi Institute. Congratulations Reto!

Dauphas recognized by the Meteoritical Society (May 2016)
Nicolas Dauphas was elected as a Fellow of the Meteoritical Society. Congratulations Nicolas!

Kööp defends thesis (April 2016)
Graduate student Levke Kööp defended her Ph.D. dissertation "The isotopic evolution of the early solar system as traced by hibonite-rich refractory inclusions." Congratulations Levke!

LPSC week (March 2016)
C3 members submitted 39 abstracts to this year's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. View them all here.

Dauphas receives named professorship (February 2016)
Nicolas Dauphas has been awarded the Louis Block Professorship at the University of Chicago. Congratulations Nicolas!

C3 members discuss 'The Martian' (January 2016)
Andy Davis, Edwin Kite, and Mohit Melwani Daswani led a public screening and discussion of the hit movie 'The Martian' at Max Palevsky Cinema on the UChicago campus.

Grossman Symposium held (December 2015)
The Department of the Geophysical Sciences hosted a symposium in honor of Larry Grossman's retirement. Several current and former C3 members presented talks in the symposium.

Tissot defends thesis (October 2015)
Graduate student François Tissot defended his Ph.D. dissertation "Geochemistry and cosmochemistry of uranium stable isotopes." Congratulations François!

Kööp wins Wiley Award (September 2015)
Graduate student Levke Kööp has won a Wiley Award for her recent presentation "26Al-depletions in anomalous and solar PLAC-like CAIs suggest high degrees of processing in the early solar nebula" at this year's Meteoritical Society meeting. She will receive the award, along with a check for $500, at next year's meeting in Berlin. Congratulations Levke!

Jadav moves to Louisiana (August 2015)
Postdoctoral Scholar Manavi Jadav has moved to the Department of Physics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

MetSoc week (July 2015)
Several C3 members attended this year's Meteoritical Society meeting. Browse their abstracts here.

Nie awarded NESSF fellowship (May 2015)
Graduate student Nicole Nie has been awarded a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship to support her studies of the origin of Earth's Moon.

Tissot accepts Crosby fellowship (May 2015)
Graduate student François Tissot has accepted a prestigious Crosby Postdoctoral Fellowship at MIT. He will start in February, 2016.

LPSC week (March 2015)
C3 members submitted 27 abstracts to this year's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. View them all here.

Tissot receives LPI Career Development Award (February 2015)
Graduate student François Tissot has been awarded a Career Development Award by the Lunar and Planetary Institute for one of the best graduate student abstracts at this year's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

New C3 webpage (March 2015)
Please enjoy our updated website!